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If you have suffered a physical or psychological injury in the execution of your employment in Queensland, you are eligible to lodge a Workers Compensation claim in this State with or without assistance from workers compensation lawyers. But with the help of Brisbane based Lyons Compensation Lawyers the process won’t be as daunting. 

If your injury is the result of negligent actions of your employer or another employee, there are legal avenues you can explore for personal injury compensation under common law. Even if your injury is the result of non negligent action, you are still entitled to claim for certain benefits under the Workers Compensation regulations. 

This process can be very complex and at times overwhelming to conquer on your own. While focus is put heavily on the responsibilities of injured workers, you also have rights under legislation that are there to protect you and assist you in this difficult time. 

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Why Choose Us - Understanding, Respect, Experience

Lyons Compensation Lawyers understands the path you have been set upon, and is here for you to navigate the journey on your behalf.

When guiding you through your workers compensation claim, Lyons Compensation Lawyers will take the utmost care in ensuring you are well prepared.

At Lyons Compensation Lawyers your case will be understood on a personal level. We will never split parts of your workers compensation damages claim between different lawyers in the process of achieving a final resolution. Our principal lawyer Joe has his finger on the pulse of all legal claims and remains personally involved throughout the claim. This allows you to rest in the knowledge that no aspect of your claim will be missed.

For more information on this type of claim and what we offer, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section below. Or to get started, contact us today for your FREE claim assessment with our experienced Queensland based workers compensation lawyers.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Are There Costs Involved with a No Win No Fee Workers Compensation Lawyer ?

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It costs you nothing to lodge a workers compensation claim with your employer and as a no win no fee workers compensation lawyer we promise you will not pay any legal costs to us in order to make a claim until your claim is resolved. 

You may have to pay initial medical costs, which, once your claim is accepted are eligible to be reimbursed.

We are very aware that the thought of launching legal action is fraught with concerns over costs. We can assure you that Lyons Compensation Lawyers will fight for your compensation with no immediate cost to you and unlike some other firms, we will never ask you to take on the liability of a litigation loan – ever.

All Work Injury Claims Handled on a No Win No Fee Basis - Our Costs are Lower

We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means that if your case is unsuccessful you are not left with a financial burden for the work we have done for you on your claim. In some cases, you may have a liability to pay the other party’s legal costs (if for example, you were to lose your case after a trial). We understand this can be a concern for our clients which is why we will be honest with you from the start about your chances of success.

There is no time wasting with Lyons Lawyers – an experienced compensation lawyer will consider your case in detail at the start and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You will not have to wait until a settlement conference or trial for us to make an assessment of the merits of your claim. If after initial investigations we advise you against making a claim, you will not be charged by us for the work we have done.

Contact us today for your FREE claim assessment with our experienced Queensland based workers compensation lawyers.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Frequently Asked Questions

workers compensation BrisbaneAccidents happen in the workplace. If you have been injured at work or suffer from a work related illness you are covered under workers compensation insurance paid for by your employer. You can also make a claim if a pre existing injury is made worse by your work. Workers compensation allows you time to recover from your injury while providing financial relief and coverage of associated expenses. Legislation stipulates that all employees must be covered by workers compensation insurance. If you are a sole trader, a director or partner of your own business, or employed by a Trust that has a trustee you are not considered an employee. Options for Workplace Personal Injury insurance is available to people in these roles, but is not compulsory.

Lyons-Compensation-LawyerThere are various workers compensation entitlements available to injured workers. Once you have lodged your initial workers compensation claim and it has been accepted, Lyons Compensation Lawyers is able to assess your legal position although it may take much longer for us to be able to advise you on how much compensation you may receive. 

Depending on the severity of your injury you may be entitled to claim for the following:

  • Loss of income
  • Future economic loss
  • Medical Costs associated with your injury
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Lump sum compensation

Contact us today for your FREE claim assessment with our experienced Queensland based workers compensation lawyers. 

workers compensation claim BrisbaneAs soon as your injury becomes known you must notify your employer and nominated treating doctor and start the process of lodging your workers compensation claim. You have up to thirty (30) days to lodge, however the quicker your claim is made the quicker the assessment of your injury can take place. While the process of lodging your claim and initial acceptance is a relatively fast process, making a legal claim for compensation can take much longer. Lyon’s Compensation Lawyers understand that waiting for a legal claim to finalise can be stressful and actively avoids delays where possible. 

workers compensation BrisbaneWorkers compensation is a difficult experience. No-one asks to be injured at work. At times you may feel entirely overwhelmed by the process, vulnerable, and a sense of loss.

Lyons Compensation Lawyers acknowledge the stresses and emotions faced by injured workers. We assure you that your experience will be respected and all consideration taken to ensure that you feel heard and understood.

Contact us today for your FREE claim assessment with our experienced Queensland based workers compensation lawyers.

workers compensation lawyers QueenslandIf your superannuation policy has insurance included (which many do) then yes you can also lodge a claim for income protection benefits. If you’re forced out of your work in a trade or any job, you may also be entitled to receive a lump sum to help you adjust. We are also very experienced in helping you work out if you have this extra level of protection and assisting you in making the claim. Sometimes our clients find that just completing all the paperwork to make and maintain an income protection claim adds significantly to their level of stress.  We are here to help reduce your stress and make sure that you get all of the financial support you are entitled to receive during this difficult time. You can read more about how we can help with this here – Superannuation Insurance Claim .
workers compensation qldLyons Compensation Lawyers appreciates that you may be experiencing limitations after your workers compensation related injury. Our mobile consultation services means that we are able to hold appointments with our clients at a time and place that best suits you. We are based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane but can travel to you or speak via video conference or telephone if you live further away. We work hard to make what can be a difficult process less stressful for you.

workers compensation BrisbaneLyons Compensation Lawyers is committed to providing expert legal advice, financial security, respect and care to all of our clients in their pursuit of a workers compensation claim.

When choosing the Queensland based workers compensation lawyers to assist you with your claim, remember the honest, personal service and years of experience you will receive with Lyons Compensation Lawyers.

Contact us today if you’re in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs to get a FREE and honest assessment of your workers compensation .

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

It doesn't cost you anything to know where you stand

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