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No Win No Fee Lawyers in Brisbane - Are They Any Good?

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

no win no fee lawyers Brisbane

No Win No Fee Lawyers in Brisbane and elsewhere have the same expertise, training and duties of care to you as the client, as any other lawyer. The only difference is the way that you have to pay for their expertise. 

At Lyons Compensation Lawyers we understand that when you suffer a personal injury and are making a compensation claim, the last thing you want to do is increase your debt. Accidents at work, or on the road often leave you unable to work and that can cause a huge financial strain to you and your family. That is why we choose to support our clients by operating on a strict “no win no fee” basis. We will never ask you to sign a loan to a litigation lender to cover the costs of your claim unlike some other firms. 

As our client, you come first and that is why we will not charge you for the work that we do unless your claim is successful.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

no win no fee workers compensation lawyer As a boutique Brisbane based firm of compensation lawyers, exclusively handling personal injury matters, we can keep our overheads low (we aren’t paying high CBD rents and don’t have many different people getting involved in your claim).  Because your claim is handled throughout its life by our experienced compensation lawyers, we can keep our professional fees generally to no more than 30% (excluding GST) of the damages you receive for your claim In Queensland, many other law firms will charge the maximum they are allowed to charge of 50% of that same net settlement amount.   We put our clients first, and work efficiently and effectively to keep our fees lower than many other firms in the market. That gives you more money in your hand when you need it most.   If you have any questions about our No Win No Fee policy or want an obligation FREE initial consultation contact us today.
car accident lawyers lawyers no win no fee BrisbaneAll of the usual out of pocket expenses that need to be paid to get your claim ready for settlement or trial are paid by us – we cover the costs that other firms might ask you to pay. That might include medical reports, the cost of medical records, court fees, a barrister’s fee etc. Lyons Compensation Lawyers foots the bill for those items so you don’t have to be out of pocket as your claim progresses.  Some no win no fee lawyers will still require you to use expensive litigation lenders. But we know those lenders can charge high fees and interest which you will have to pay out of your settlement or judgement amount. Putting our clients first means we WILL NEVER ask you to take on that type of loan (or any other) to fund your claim. You will not pay our legal fees for personal injury services we provide to you unless your claim is successful.
car accident lawyer no win no fee no win no fee There is no catch with experienced no win no fee compensation lawyers like Lyons Compensation Lawyers. At the time of our initial meeting, we explain our No Win No Fee agreement to you. This is also known as a conditional fee agreement. The overseeing body for lawyers in Queensland is the consumer guide for Legal Services Commission (“LSC”). They have issued a no win no fee agreements which sets out some more information you might find useful. We fully comply at all times with our professional obligations in relation to our cost agreements with our clients.  You can always ask us any question you have about your agreement – whether at the start of your claim or at any point throughout your claim. We are committed to providing you, the injured person, with as much information as YOU need so that you are comfortable and fully understand that agreement and how it works. This type of fee agreement does not cover any liability you might have to the other party for their legal costs, if your claim is unsuccessful.
car accident lawyers lawyers no win no fee BrisbaneOver the last 30 years, our principal Joe Lyons has worked tirelessly for his clients to deliver the best outcome for them with the minimum of stress to them. When you trust us to handle your claim, we take that very seriously and will do everything we can to ensure that your claim is progressed as quickly as possible and that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to for your claim.  You will not be pressured by us to sign any agreement. We provide every client with 5 business days to consider the agreement they sign with us. If in that time you have any questions, we will ensure they are answered. If you decide you don’t want to proceed with your claim, you simply have to tell us and we will respect your decision. You will not be pressured by Lyons Compensation Lawyers to enter into any agreement or make any claim – the decision remains yours. If you have any questions about our No Win No Fee policy or want a FREE no-obligation initial consultation contact us today.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

It doesn't cost you anything to know where you stand

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