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No-one plans to be involved in a car accident let alone consider having to make a car accident claim to recover their losses. That means, no-one is prepared for the difficulties that can follow a serious collision. Fortunately, Brisbane based Lyons Compensation Lawyers have decades of experience in these types of claims and are here to support you through the legal steps that can be taken to compensate you for any losses you have incurred after being in a vehicle accident. 

Car accident legal claims are involved and technical and require a refined legal eye to ensure that all benefits available to you are paid without unnecessary delays. These types of claims can be more complicated if they happened when you were working or were on private property. Did you know that you can make a claim if you’ve had a motorbike crash, quad bike accident or truck accident ? As long as you’re not the ‘at fault’ driver, if you are injured due to nearly any type of motor vehicle you may have a claim to make so that you can be compensated for your losses.

Why Choose Us - Experience, Understanding, Respect

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Lyons Compensation Lawyers respect the emotional, physical, and mental toll that being in a car accident takes on a person. 

We want our clients to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that once a claim has been lodged, our firm will support you throughout the entire process. We can help you find the at fault driver and identify the insurer involved. We can assist you to have your rehabilitation funded by the insurer rather than you having to wait until settlement of your claim.

One of the most important aspects of any legal claim is the deep understanding your lawyer has of your situation, the evidence involved, and the best approach to achieve the maximum amount of compensation. That is why at Lyons Compensation Lawyers, your appointed lawyer is the only one who handles your case. You never have to worry that information will be overlooked, as our whole claim approach ensures we are putting your best case forward.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Are Lyons Compensation Lawyers No Win No Fee Car Accident Lawyers?

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You can lodge a motor vehicle accident claim with the relevant compulsory third party insurer, however if you engage a No Win No Fee car accident lawyer with years of expertise your claim process will be much simpler and you will be guided about the amount of compensation you deserve. You may have to pay your initial medical costs, but once your claim is accepted we will make sure that these are reimbursed.

We know that being involved in an accident is a financially challenging time. When you choose Lyons Compensation Lawyers, you are making the choice to have legal representation that will not require any financial commitment – ever (not even to ask you to sign up to a litigation loan as some firms will).

All Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Handled on a No Win No Fee Basis - Our Costs are Lower

car accident claim lawyers Brisbane

We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means that if your case is unsuccessful you are not left with a bill from our firm for the work we have done. We will be completely honest with you about your chances of success because the only time you might have to pay costs is if you are unsuccessful at a trial and you are ordered to pay the other side’s costs. That is a risk that all claimants face once their claim reaches the litigation stage – our aim is to always ensure your claim is settled at the earliest time and we do this by being very prepared and actively managing the claim process. There is no time wasting with Lyons Compensation Lawyers. If your claim is not likely to be successful we will tell you as soon as that becomes clear. 

Our fee structure is transparent and will be discussed with you along the way. There are no hidden or unexpected costs in our agreements. 

We will never ask you to enter into a litigation loan agreement. All upfront legal costs are funded by our firm and reconciled at the conclusion of your motor vehicle accident claim.

Contact us today if you’re in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs to get a FREE and honest assessment of your potential car accident claim.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Frequently Asked Questions

car accident claim lawyer BrisbaneIf you have suffered a physical or psychological injury following a serious vehicle collision, you may be eligible for motor vehicle accident compensation whether you are the driver or a passenger. As long as you are not the “at fault” driver, if a motor vehicle was involved in injuring you, then you may have the right to make a claim. In Queensland, car accident compensation extends to cover the following:   
  • Driver
  • Passengers
  • Motorcycle Riders
  • Cyclist
  • Pedestrian
  • Passenger on public transport
As with every legal claim there are complex laws and processes that must be adhered to and time limits that need to be met so that your claim is not barred. Lyons Compensation Lawyers will help you navigate your claim with ease, ensuring you understand the process from start to resolution.  Contact us  today if you’re in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs to get a FREE and honest assessment of your potential car accident claim.
car accident claim lawyer BrisbaneIn Queensland there is a 3 year limitation on all motor vehicle accident claims. However you should lodge your claim as soon as possible, and ideally within 9 months of an accident (unless you have a good excuse for not doing that).  If you don’t bring a claim by the 3rd anniversary of the accident date, you will likely lose your right to make a compensation claim. The time limit is shorter if you are making a claim from the death of a loved one in a car accident. Although making a legal claim is probably not on your mind at that tragic time, it’s important to lodge your compensation claim as soon as possible after the fatal accident.  There are also strict time limits if you were unable to identify the vehicle that caused the accident (for example, in a hit and run accident). In that case, you must lodge a claim within 9 months to avoid losing your right to make a claim.

car accident claim lawyer BrisbaneUsually, following a car accident, it is necessary to lodge a claim through the at fault driver’s Compulsory Third Party insurance. You will be required to provide as much information as possible when making the claim plus a medical certificate. 

It is important that you:


  • Get the contact details of the “at fault” driver, 
  • If possible, get the details of the insurer of their vehicle; 
  • Have reported the incident to the police if they were not in attendance; and 
  • Have obtained a medical certificate (in the proper format) outlining the injuries you have sustained as a result of the accident.

We can help you gather all of this information and take these steps if you have not completed them yourself.  

The initial phase of lodging a claim is relatively painless, however as the claim moves through the assessment process you may find you need a lawyer on your side who understands the extensive legal requirements. Care must also be taken to ensure that your doctor lists all of your injuries and concerns in the initial medical certificate and that you complete the relevant claim form in the most detailed manner possible. As experienced compensation lawyers we take the time to make sure that all of the information needed is included so that you do not miss out on any compensation that you may be entitled to receive. A failure to take the time to do this at the start can affect the amount of compensation you will receive.

Lyons Compensation Lawyers will guide you through the experience and ensure that your best interests are represented. Our role is to advocate on your behalf, and fight for fair payment for the damage you have suffered.

Contact us today if you’re in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs to get a FREE and honest assessment of your potential car accident claim.

car accident claim lawyer BrisbaneIf you have been seriously injured as a result of the negligence of another road user you may be eligible to claim for the following:      
  • Loss of income
  • Future loss of income
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Other associated costs as a result of your injury
  • Pain and suffering including for whiplash, broken bones, psychological trauma, brain injury and other sprains and strains.
Sometimes all of the injuries from your accident are not immediately evident which is why we take the time to follow your progress and check in with you regularly. In that way, we can ensure that your claim is amended to include any new or worsening conditions as soon as they come to light.

Lyons Compensation LawyersWe have found over the years that our clients often find it difficult or intimidating coming into legal offices which is why WE COME TO YOU. 

After an accident clients often have emotional and physical restraints  which is why we offer a full mobile consultation service. Lyons Compensation Lawyers covers Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and is able to meet with you at the following types of locations:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Your Home
  • Home of a loved one
  • Your office
  • Anywhere you are comfortable

Lyons Compensation Lawyers is committed to treating you with dignity and care while simultaneously fighting as hard as we can to win you the compensation you are entitled to after experiencing a serious car accident. 

Contact us  today if you’re in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs to get a FREE and honest assessment of your potential car accident claim.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

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