When a No Win No Fee Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Not every work related claim in Queensland will benefit from the help of an experienced no win no fee workers compensation lawyer. In this article we aim to give you more information to help you decide if you should contact us to discuss whether to bring a claim.

You should also know that at Lyons Compensation Lawyers all of our clients are offered our no win no fee costs agreement. Because we are a boutique firm, with lower overheads and a dedicated lawyer working on your claim, our legal costs are calculated generally 25% to 50% lower than large firms. Our legal services are exclusively in the personal injury field.

When You Should Contact Lyons Compensation Lawyers in Queensland

If your claim falls into one of the following categories it is worthwhile having a free initial case analysis with an experienced personal injury lawyer sooner than later:

  • Your claim is being disputed by your employer or WorkCover or you are not allowed to make a claim;
  • It is not clear (or your employer or WorkCover has questioned) if your injuries are work-related,
  • You require extensive medical treatment (more than a couple of months),
  • You have been or expect to be off work for more than a couple of months,
  • Your doctor has said or you believe you’ll be left with a permanent disability (or WorkCover has had you assessed with a permanent impairment or is refusing to get you assessed for permanent impairment).

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Here are some examples of situations where you should contact Lyons Compensation Lawyers:

There are a number of reasons why a claim might be denied. Sometimes, the insurer won’t accept that your injury is work-related. If you wait too long to file your claim it might be denied. The good news is there are ways to appeal these decisions through the workers’ compensation system. This process will usually mean you have to file formal paperwork, and gather evidence. You might also need to present your case at a hearing.

If you have not been assessed with an impairment or if you have been assessed with zero impairment, there are ways you can challenge this assessment. An experienced personal injury lawyer can review your situation and advise you if it might be worthwhile getting another opinion.

Many workers who had a pre existing injury to the same body part now injured at work, will struggle to have their claim accepted by the insurer. Sometimes they will try to blame your current symptoms on your previous condition rather than what you did at work. Some injuries develop over time, and this type of injury is very commonly disputed. We can advise you if you should be entitled to receive further compensation or rehabilitation.

Some injured workers will have their request for medical treatments denied or delayed, particularly expensive treatment such as surgery. An experienced workers compensation lawyer can help you to get the necessary medical treatments funded when they will be most beneficial.

You might suffer a significant loss of income in the future if your ability to work has been affected. At worst, you might never work again. For some injured workers, they will not be able to do overtime or work full time again. Some might even need to change careers. If you need to ensure that your financial future is secure, then getting help from a compensation lawyer is very important.

When a Compensation Lawyer is Probably Not Needed

You might find that it’s easy enough to manage your own claim if it’s pretty straightforward. For example, if:

  • Your claim is not being disputed by your employer or WorkCover Queensland (or any other workers’ compensation insurance company that might be involved);
  • Your injury resolves completely within a few months;
  • You don’t need much medical treatment;
  • You don’t need to take any time off work after your injury and can fully cope with your work duties.

An example of this type of claim would be if you sprained your ankle after you slipped on some water at work. On the advice of your doctor, you put ice on your ankle, took some pain killers, and rested for a few days. You work at a desk job. You find that you could return to work quickly and your ankle was fully healed in a couple of weeks. 

You would still be best to report the claim to your employer and fill out the workers compensation claim form. That will mean that the cost of your trip to the doctor and any other expenses would be covered by workers compensation insurance. 

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

Will a No Win No Fee Workers Compensation Lawyer be Worth It?

All of our clients are offered a fee agreement on a no win no fee basis. That means that you will not pay a cent for our professional fees unless your claim is successful. We cover all out of pocket expenses to prepare your claim for settlement so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of pursuing your claim. This includes costs for medical reports, legal advice from a barrister (when needed) and expert opinion. Because we don’t get paid unless you receive a settlement or compensation, we are honest with you at the start about whether our services will be worthwhile for you. If your claim is unsuccessful you will not be out of pocket for the legal fees we have incurred, or the money we have spent on preparing your claim. As a boutique, 100% mobile law firm, with experienced lawyers handling your claim from start to finish, usually our fees are calculated at 25% to 50% lower than larger firms.  Not only can we advise you on your workers compensation claim, but we can also help you decide if you might be eligible to make a claim on your superannuation insurance In some cases, where there is no negligence on the part of your employer, a claim on your superannuation insurance (for TPD – total permanent disability) might be the best way to minimise the financial distress to you. We understand the law in Queensland and know how to negotiate with the insurer. We have the experience to know how to build up your case to make your position clear at the earliest possible time. Our goal is to make sure you are treated fairly by WorkCover Queensland. With all of that experience on your side, hiring a no win no fee workers compensation lawyer to be on your side is often the right decision for you.

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand

It doesn't cost you anything to know where you stand

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